Angus Keogh Orthopaedic Surgeon

Angus Keogh Orthopaedic Surgeon – We were delighted to host Raja Sabapathy in Western Australia for the WA Society for Surgery of the Hand in August 2019. We were treated to a feast of complex trauma management of the hand and upper limb. Thank you Raja.

David Fenbury presented a paper at the Western Australian Branch meeting of the AOA in April. The paper won the best paper of the day award. Congratulations to Tom Clifton and David for their efforts.

Angus Keogh Orthopaedic Surgeon

The Western Orthopedic Clinic held its Christmas party last week and a great time was had by all. Thanks to Sally and Sarah for another great year. I am very lucky to have great support from the whole team, a great team at WOC.

Emerging Multidrug Resistance Of Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus In Hand Infections By Rick Tosti, Brian T. Samuelsen, Samantha Bender, John.

I was also very lucky that my team gave me this brand new Christmas dress to wear for the day.

At the recent SESA meeting held in Perth, Western Australia, Angus was accepted as a member of the association. Membership requires performing a certain number of shoulder and elbow operations in a year and a demonstrated commitment to contributing to the society’s scientific program.

Angus and David Graham, with the help of Bryan Tan, published an article in the Journal of Hand Surgery on posterior interosseous artery flap dissection. Previously there was little anatomical information about the specifics of the dissection, particularly related to the anatomical relationships between the posterior interosseous artery and the nerve. Three areas of increased risk to the nerve were identified as a means of risk stratification during differentiation.

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Angus presented a talk entitled “Distal Radius Osteotomy: Distraction Osteotomy and Computer Guide” at the Australian Orthopedic Association (WA branch) meeting in Bunker Bay last weekend. The talk was well received and the questions included:

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Very rarely, it is only done if there is an intra-articular part that requires a dorsal approach. Usually, the dorsal approach is avoided to avoid irritation of the dorsal roots.

How do you measure the length of the distraction osteotomy when most corrections leave a trapezoidal gap?

I use the average length measurement, for example, the radial side often requires more length than the ulnar side, so the measurement is taken from the center of the bone, so it represents the average distraction length.

Last weekend we had the pleasure of hosting Marc Garcia-Elias in Perth for the Hand Surgery Society of Western Australia. They all benefited greatly from the experience of one of the world’s leading hand surgeons. We were shown the volar radial approach for the distal radius and the scaphoid z-arthrotomy approach. We went through a distal radioulnar joint approach and Marc’s spiral tenodesis. Thanks to everyone who attended and especially Marc.Angus trained in orthopedic surgery in Perth, Western Australia before completing fellowships in hand surgery with Victorian Hand Surgery Associates and St Vincent’s Hospital in Melbourne and hand and upper limb surgery at the Royal Adelaide and Modbury Hospitals. in Adelaide.

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Angus specializes in hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder surgery. He is interested in all aspects of upper limb surgery. Angus has lectured internationally on elbow instability, elbow joint replacement, and wrist anatomy. He has lectured nationally on many topics including Distal radius malunion, hand reconstruction with pedicled flaps and elbow instability. He has a particular interest in elbow instability, hand injuries, and scaphoid/non-union fractures.

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Angus was the Western Australian Arm module for the registrar bone school. He holds the annual cadaver lab for the WA Society of Hand Surgery. He chaired the Registrar’s conference for the Australian Society for Surgery of the Hand in Perth 2018. Angus is the current President of the Western Australian Society for Surgery of the Hand (WASHS). Angus is the current Secretary and Treasurer of the Orthopedic Association of Australia (AOA) WA.

Angus speaks regularly to Western Australian hand therapists and the Western Australian Orthopedic Registrar group. He enjoys speaking to small and large groups and is available on request.


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