Alonnah Retreat Bruny Island Backpackers

Alonnah Retreat Bruny Island Backpackers – Planning a trip to one of Tasmania’s most beautiful (and delicious) islands? Don’t miss these amazing things to do in Brunei Island during your visit!

If you love food, wine, cheese and some great easy day trips in Tasmania, Bruny Island is the place for you!

Alonnah Retreat Bruny Island Backpackers

(Located just off the southeast coast of Tasmania, just a short distance from Hobart, Bruny Island is an incredibly exotic and beautiful place.)

Mandala Bruny Island

To make getting to Brunei Island easier, you can take your car or motorhome on a ferry at a reasonable price.

With all the best places to see in Tasmania, no trip would be complete without a day (or weekend) exploring all the amazing activities and attractions here.

To help you plan your trip, here’s our comprehensive guide to the best things to do in Bruny Island.

We really enjoyed our time here and enjoyed all the things you can do on Brunei Island.

Bruny Island, Au Beachfront Holiday Accommodation

We took our camper for 3 nights which was the best thing we could have done, it gave us the freedom to explore on our own time.

If you don’t have your own wheels, there are plenty of great day tours you can book. This is the best thing you can do as a day trip from Hobart.

The best way is to rent a car and explore on your own! We recommend rental cars with the largest range of vehicles for the best value on the market.

Our goal was to find out what to do on Bruny Island and identify as many activities as possible.

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So, if you want to eat local food, sample boutique beer and wine, walk coastal scenery, visit quaint little shops and immerse yourself in history, this article on the best things to do in Bruny Island awaits you.

Our first stop on our trip to Brunei Island was The Honey Bottle where we tried all kinds of different products, you guessed it, honey products!

More than just a place to buy sweet nectar, the storefront has all kinds of information about bees and honey production.

As adults, we found it fascinating, but if you’re looking for things to do in Brunei Island with kids, it’s more interesting.

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Bruny Island, Tasmania

All kinds of honeys can be found here, including leatherwood, manuka, prickly pear, fennel, clover, bush and blue gum. We didn’t know there were so many different types before we arrived!

Next we stopped at the Bruni Island Cheese Company in North Brunei, where they make their own beer, wine and cheese. I know – everything you need in one place!

Nick Haddow, owner of Bruni Island Cheese Co, is passionate about cheese and as a specialist cheese maker, he is committed to traditional cheese making methods.

They have shop windows so you can look into the kitchen and see how they make different products.

Boomers Retreat, Alonnah, Bruny Island, Alonnah

We got a tasting plate and settled in with drinks to try. The flavors and textures are unreal. Even the wood-fired bread was amazing.

Using locally grown ingredients with 100% Tasmanian grown hops, they brew delicious ales and stouts.

As their recipes depend on the local ingredients they have on hand, you never know what they’ll have on tap.

We recommend getting a tasting paddle so you can try them all and pick your favorite. They also have paddle tastings of some of the local premium wines of Bruni Island.

Bruny Island Lodge, South Bruny

The atmosphere at Bruni Island Cheese Cove is also fantastic, with a spacious and lush outdoor area where all the walkers want to settle down for the day to eat and drink their worries away.

Make sure you take a trip to Cape Queen Elizabeth to get rid of all the cheese, beer, wine and honey.

This hike is popular with people who want to see the iconic arch on the beach. Everyone gets their photo there and of course we do too.

Start from the parking lot across the road from The Honey Bun. You will follow a 4WD track (not public), which thins out and eventually turns into a bush track.

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Once you reach a fork, you can either go up the beach or up the hill depending on the tide (check the tide table along the way).

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At low tide you can reach the famous bend around the beach and rocks and Cape Queen Elizabeth beyond. A lot of people will leave the arc and go back.

If the tide is high, you can’t go around the rocks on the beach. Instead, take the path up the hill on the other side, and from there access Cape Queen Elizabeth’s ramp and path.

South Bruny National Park (bruny Island)

Whether you go all the way up to the Cape or simply go, the walk is truly amazing. to the bow. Make sure you carry water and some snacks with you.

The Green Point Trail is one of the best on Bruny Island if you have small children or don’t want to do a strenuous hike. However, it is not suitable for prams or wheelchairs.

Start at the Cross Point Trailhead at the end of Adventure Bay Road from the Flat Gap parking lot.

From here walk along the beach and then take a flat, well-maintained path that follows the edge of the bay.

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You can see various wildlife on the way, so be careful. The route will take you to Green Point. At the end there is an information board to inform you about the area.

After your leisurely stroll, keep an eye out for the famous white wall of Bruny Island, as it is this tiny living cove.

Feel like going further? Correct! Because Blue Cape Track Off Adventure Bay is one of the best treks in Bruny Island.

Located in South Brunei National Park, this beautiful,  adventurous circular walk takes in Green Point and above Flat Cape, following precarious sea cliffs and offering incredible views.

Bruny Island, Tasmania 🇦🇺 2022

You can hike in any direction. If you climb counter-clockwise, you’ll first go to Green Point and follow the cliffs to the Flat Cap Lookout.

Clockwise, the direction we took takes you up a steep path through the forest, taking you quickly to the top and allowing you to gently descend along the elevated beach.

Highlights include standing on the edge of huge cliffs, seeing Penguin Island and Adventure Bay, and if you’re lucky enough to be in a national park, lots of bird life.

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Definitely a tourist highlight on the list of things to do in Bruny Island. South Brunei National Park is a real gem.

Bicycling From Hobart To Bruny Island

Experience the diverse geography and beautiful beaches of Bruny Island from the air with a scenic flight over this southeastern Tasmanian island.

Experience incredible views of The Neck, rugged coastline, mountains and more as experienced local pilots take you on an unforgettable ride.

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Truganini Lookout is located on the narrow piece of land that divides Brunei Island from north to south, commonly known as the ‘Neck’.

Luxury Getaway: Bruny Island Packages With Free Spirit Pods

This place offers the best view of Brunei Island and you can get 360 degree views of the island. It’s amazing how far you can see.

The ranger is named after a woman widely believed to have been the last full-blooded aboriginal Tasmanian of the Truganini.

Unfortunately, she and her family, like the entire Tasmanian Aboriginal people, suffered terrible cruelty at the hands of colonial settlers.

The lookout is a great spot for sunset or sunrise, especially if the sky is clear.

Bruny Island Premium Wines (lunawanna)

You get great views of Ismus Bay, Great Bay and Adventure Bay. Can be seen for miles on a clear day.

While hanging out at The Neck, you’ll have the chance to see angel penguins at night in the penguin habitat.

It’s a magical experience and not to be missed while ticking off all the amazing things to do in Brunei Island.

Park at the Truganini Lookout car park and instead of climbing up to the lookout, follow the path towards the beach. After a while, you’ll feel like a newbie.

Blue Cottage Bruny Island

Penguins come to the beach one by one from the ocean and climb the rocks like waves.

They walk around, jump into their little den, and then snuggle up with their mates or chicks.

Penguins eat

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