Alba Thanh Tan Hot Springs Resort

Alba Thanh Tan Hot Springs Resort – At the foot of the Truong Son Mountains and surrounded by forests and peaceful hills, you will find Fusion’s Alba Wellness Valley, one of the most famous hot springs in Hue’s Phong Son commune. Home to Thanh Tan Hot Springs, the tranquility of the site is perfect for those looking to spend a few days relaxing their minds and refreshing their muscles.

Thanh Tan Hot Springs was discovered in 1928 by the French doctor, archaeologist, pharmacist and botanist Albert Sallet. The natural stream flows at the foot of the hills and along the road, finding its home in the green forest. Here tourists can decide if they want to soak in the hot springs or the stream of pure cold mineral water.

Alba Thanh Tan Hot Springs Resort

This twin lake system of cold or hot springs offers tourists the opportunity to visit in winter and summer. In cold water, you can go tube sliding or swim on an artificial beach, but in warm water, you can relax comfortably in the fresh autumn or winter.

Beautiful Hot Springs In Vietnam To Indulge

The hot springs have temperatures of up to 68 degrees Celsius when they reach the surface, but gradually cool as they flow down the stream. These springs contain calcium, bicarbonate, magnesium and other minerals that are good for your health. Besides relaxing muscles and joints, hot springs can also help with arthritis and skin conditions.

Alba Wellness Valley creates an onsen-like experience with beauty and warmth. They use hot spring water from Trung Son Mountain as the source of their hot springs and pools. After you’ve soaked for a while, spend an afternoon attending the resort’s yoga studio where you can practice finding an inner peace through stretching and meditation.

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Another option is reflexology, which uses specific pressure techniques to help reduce stress, increase circulation, and reduce headaches, anxiety, and bladder problems. Of course, there is also Alba Farm where you can pick your own organic produce. And don’t forget to drink Alba Water which is full of important minerals for health and beauty!

Indulging in a little R&R isn’t the only thing to do while at the resort. In and around the site, visitors can try heart racing activities, visit unique cultural sites and try their hand at some handicrafts.

Alba Thanh Tan Hot Springs Travel Guide

Alba Wellness Valley and Than Tan Hot Springs Resort focus on relaxation and recreation. It has great facilities including billiards, karaoke, camping, massage and fishing. The staff will help you find the activities you need to relax and enjoy your time away from the rest of the world.

Their stilt house shelter is made of cane, bamboo and wood for use by groups. The Alba Wellness Valley, in particular, is a great place to visit to focus on your own relaxation and healing. All these superior rooms are designed to create a zen atmosphere with a little Japanese touch and are ideal for individuals, families or friends.

Alba Wellness Valley and Thanh Tan Hot Springs Resort. Photo: Alba Wellness Valley Fusion-Hue

A great place to relax, reconnect with yourself and try some new activities, Alba Wellness Valley and Thanh Tan Hot Springs Resort are great destinations when visiting Hue. Bring a bathing suit, book a room and soak in the best water around!

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Fusion Quản Lý Alba Wellness Resort Huế

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