Airtel Data Packages Sri Lanka

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Airtel Data Packages Sri Lanka

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Airtel Brings New Cloud Portfolio For Multiple Business Segments: Know More

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Bharti Airtel Case Study

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Airtel Freedom Unlimited 749 Package

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Airtel Recharge Plans 2022 List(all States)

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Mobitel Ranaviru Upahara

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Transaction Safety Tips Avoid cash transactions. Beware of unrealistic offers. Use a secure location to meet the seller. Sri Lanka is famous for its amazing nature. The number of amazing sightseeing places across Sri Lanka is off the charts. If you are looking for the best Instagram photos, then Sri Lanka is the perfect place for you.

But you need a way to upload those great photos and videos to social media. It is better to get a Sri Lankan SIM card with your Sri Lankan service provider instead of roaming, as roaming is expensive in many cases.

Airtel Lanka Is Shutting Down 3g To Offer Better 4g: Report

In addition, mobile data speeds in Sri Lanka are low compared to (South Asian) standards and the global average.

In this regard, you may be interested in buying a SIM card in Sri Lanka and want to know which service provider is the best. I had this question, so I went to Colombo, Sri Lanka and bought and tested all Sri Lanka sim cards including Dialog, Mobitel, Hutch and Airtel Sri Lanka.

Let’s take a look at your experience with Airtel and how was your experience while visiting Sri Lanka. Lets do it.

Before talking about Airtel Sri Lanka, let me tell you about your options in Sri Lanka. If you have read my guide to buying SIM cards in Sri Lanka, you will know that there are 4 telecom providers in Sri Lanka namely Dialog, Mobitel, Hutch and Airtel Sri Lanka.

Airtel Launches 4g In Sri Lanka, Liberates Customers From ‘the Reload Trap’

There are no Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) in Sri Lanka, making it easy to choose a SIM card for your adventure in the country.

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Airtel Sri Lanka, officially known as Airtel Lanka, but from now on, is the smallest operator in terms of Airtel subscribers. In some cases, smallest means they have the fastest network because they are not as congested as other players in the market. In addition, the smallest operators often offer the cheapest and most unique promotions. At the same time, usually the smallest

As for Airtel, they have the worst coverage, no 4G/LTE network but plans to launch 4G/LTE in May 2020, and slow speeds even for 3G/3.75G standards. However, they are the cheapest operators in Sri Lanka.

Though Airtel has many drawbacks, is Airtel good or should you avoid them? You will know after reading this review.

Sri Lanka’s 1st 4g Lte Network Now In Kandy

You can buy Airtel SIM cards from SIM outlets in Sri Lanka, from Airtel stores, brand stores, service centers etc. You can also buy your Airtel SIM card at Colombo Airport (Bandranayake International Airport).

Typically, operators sell SIM cards at airports at higher prices or only so-called tourist SIM cards than normal SIM cards. I don’t buy sim cards at the airport, but I decided to do it with airtel.

Why? Because airport prices had risen slightly above normal prices. As compared to all other counters at the airport, Dialog, Mobitel and Hutch, the packages offered by Airtel were the best. Plus, I knew it would take about an hour to get from the airport to my Airbnb, and I didn’t feel bored in transit.

I decided to go for the 600 LKR plan with 2.9GB of storage and an unspecified amount of airtime. 2.9 GB data was enough for me as I used Dialog, Mobitel,

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