Air B And B Dublin City Centre

Air B And B Dublin City Centre – Airbnb has unveiled its new headquarters in Dublin, marking the first time the company has been able to reveal the design of one of its offices.

The new facility, called The Warehouse, was designed by the company’s environmental team in collaboration with Dublin-based Heneghan Peng Architects.

Air B And B Dublin City Centre

Located inside a disused warehouse, the new center was designed entirely from scratch – a first for Airbnb – and will be the blueprint for other centers around the world.

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After feedback from employees at Airbnb’s Portland office, the local team was inspired to create a space that would make it easier for employees to find each other.

This led to the concept of “neighbourhood”, which involves the division of space into primary and secondary work areas.

The main workspace consists of 29 spaces, each filled with the same components – one large desk, personal storage, one or two standing desks and one area.

Additional workspaces include a large open atrium, kitchen and meeting rooms, each inspired by existing Airbnb listings around the world and designed by local staff.

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“The store was a rare opportunity for our team to start from scratch and further develop the Belong Anywhere workplace philosophy that makes Airbnb unique,” said Rebecca Ruggles, lead interior designer at Airbnb.

“The combination of landscape and landscape through the atrium provides the perfect balance of privacy and community”

Called agora, derived from the ancient Greek word for public space, the staircase serves many purposes, including meeting rooms and “hall style” work environments.

“Our ambitions are often driven by existing structural challenges that cannot be changed,” said Aaron Taylor Harvey, head of the environmental group. “It is through the Dublin warehouse that we have been able to create the level of interaction and dialogue that we have always intended.”

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Airbnb was founded in 2008 by Rhode Island School of Design graduates Joe Gebbia and Brian Chesky as a site that allows travelers to stay in homes instead of hotels.

In an interview, Chesky talked about how skeptical Silicon Valley was that two designers could successfully build a homestay website. Airbnb is now bigger than most hotel chains.

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British designer Ilse Crawford, who was one of the architects who installed the “home” interpretations in London’s Trafalgar Square, said that Airbnb is fundamentally changing the way we think about design by allowing people to experience modern interiors first-hand instead of they would see. magazines and websites.

Earlier this year, the company launched its design studio, creating a futuristic home for the Tokyo Expo as its first project. They are located in one of the last normal warehouse buildings in Dublin docks, the new EMEA building. For Airbnb on Hanover Beach, overlooking the Grand Canal Basin. We designed a new workspace for 400 people around a staircase connecting 3 floors.

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The workplace is flexible – people can work freely anywhere, but the importance of the base, where it can be restored and provides storage, is recognized. Each site has a “landing area” – furniture for everyone with open wardrobes, places to hang coats, and a place where team members can make their own appearance and call it home.

The skylighted atrium in the center of the building has been redesigned with a staircase to create a single workspace where people can move freely between the 3 floors. A full-width neutral staircase leads from the ground to the lower level, creating an amphitheater for “all events” and a meeting place for daily use. Integrating the atrium, a simple staircase leads from ground to first, with a balcony overlooking the flight deck. Walking around the atrium becomes a balcony, an informal theater like the soul of the space. The new entrance staircase was conceived as a series of small halls that rise to offer views of the canal valley and the city.

Around this central space, the work spaces that benefit from the circular glazing are organized into interconnected groups – “neighbourhoods” of open work spaces, lounges and rooms of different sizes, creating more opportunities for meetings and quiet time. The cells in the conference rooms are arranged around the All Hands space, sometimes they are set back to allow circulation, sometimes they are pushed to create a cantilevered volume of dynamic space as opposed to a typical vertical atrium.

Food is at the heart of Airbnb as a place to gather and host. Downstairs there is an open kitchen and dining room serving breakfast and lunch. The kitchen is also located at the entrance on each floor level, creating a social space that connects to the center of the entire Hands.

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Pictures Of Airbnb’s Spacious New Office In Dublin

The palette uses black metal against oak to create a warm core for all hands. Around him, the workplace is cool and simple – white painted walls, open services and galvanized steel floorboards. The concrete floor and concrete walls at the entrance are reminiscent of the warehouse’s industrial heritage. Airbnb’s Indoor Environment team partnered with Dublin-based Heneghan Peng Architects to design a space that fosters collaboration, interaction and a sense of community. . The focal point of the office is a beautiful staircase that serves multiple purposes, from a large conference and social event space for up to 400 people to a “lounge-style” work environment.

The store has a unique ‘neighborhood’ concept that reflects Airbnb’s ‘Belong Anywhere’ ethos, with the option of configuring work, but allowing groups to gather at one specific base to encourage collaboration. The Warehouse is also Airbnb’s first campus model in the city, with more to come from the brand’s offices.

Employee feedback on Airbnb’s Portland office design noted that employee visibility is a challenge for management teams, in part because of the various office spaces, which are not all equally visible. In response, Airbnb Environment added the concept of “neighborhood” which reflects the nature of Airbnb’s Ownership Anywhere, with a choice of workspace and layout, but it allowed groups to gather in one base for encouraging collaboration.

The store is divided into main and additional work areas. The main work area consists of 29 districts with identical sections, each consisting of up to 14 people. Each area has one large table, a separate storage, one or two chairs, and one place to rest.

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Individual desks have been replaced by one large shared central desk, which facilitates sharing in a way that private desks cannot. The area also includes unique furniture from local manufacturers, including tables from Burke Joinery.

Additional work areas include the Agora, kitchen area and meeting rooms. The central staircase forms the focal point of the office. The creator of “Agora”, connects the first floor with the ground floor and unites different floors. The staircase serves many purposes, from a large meeting room and social event space for up to 400 people to a “entertainment style” work environment.

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The interior design of each meeting room was inspired by existing Airbnb listings around the world to allow employees to travel throughout the day. Design influences are taken from Portugal, Greece, Romania, Japan, Sweden, Morocco and France.

As part of Airbnb’s global sustainable office design strategy, the local team participated in the Employee Design Experience (EDX) program for local employees to help improve the finishing of meeting rooms. This included a replica of a typical dining table from a menu in Romania and an authentic decoration from a menu in Montpellier, France. EDX allowed employees to reinterpret design elements from Airbnb listings in conference rooms, as well as to highlight elements of Dublin’s local identity.

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Different work arrangements near and below work areas promote healthy ergonomics, socialization and movement. The local team, led by Aaron Taylor Harvey and Rachel Yu, collaborated with Heneghan Peng to bring the neighborhood concept and elements to the site.

The ethos of Airbnb supports local entrepreneurship and fosters relationships with local companies and businesses. This is highlighted by Airbnb’s choice to partner with Dublin-based Heneghan Peng Architects, who partnered with Airbnb to design their first Dublin office in the Watermarque building in 2014.

“The store was a rare opportunity for our team to start from scratch and further develop the ‘Belong Anywhere’ workplace philosophy that makes Airbnb unique,” explained Rebecca Ruggles of the local team. “The combination of the landscape and the view of the connected spaces through the atrium provides the right balance of privacy and community.

“The local Airbnb employees were very proud to add finishing touches to the design of the meeting rooms. Together, we looked at practical ways to transport people when they come through the door. For example, walking if you have a stressful day. Entering Mykonos and sitting under a pergola with bougainvillea

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