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This week, IPTV service FetchTV is adding a YouTube interface to your TV, making it easier to browse YouTube videos through your TV. This is just one of many new options FetchTV has planned for next year. This includes full HD channels, access to iView, iPhone and Android apps, and many other benefits.

Adam Internet Fetch Tv

He and FetchTV CEO Scott Lorson this week watched a demo of the new YouTube interface to see what’s being added to the service. There are dozens of things to watch out for.

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YouTube On TV (formerly YouTube Leanback) minimizes the need to use your keyboard by customizing YouTube for easier access through your TV. The app contains currently popular video streams, priority is given to recordings available in 720p resolution. You can also enter search terms using the on-screen keyboard or a separate Bluetooth keyboard. Search results are displayed in a scrolling list from left to right, and recent searches are kept for easy access. This option will be available to FetchTV customers this week.

FetchTV is already on sale via iiNet, Westnet and Internode. It will go on sale “soon” through Netspace (which also owns iiNet) and Adam Internet next week, Lorson said. Optus will also start selling the service “soon” and TPG looks promising. This means that FetchTV is available through almost every major ISP except Telstra, which offers its own T-Box alternative (i.e. it has a stake in Foxtel).

Movies (both for rental and as part of a free pick for all subscribers) has a tab with Rotten Tomatoes critics and user ratings for next month.

ABC’s iView service remains a catch-up option, so it’s a welcome addition to the FetchTV family. “We’re going to release an iView soon,” Lorson said. This is not surprising given that ABC has proven willingness to work with other partners such as TV manufacturers. Other channels are also working, but the time frame is not clear. “We are discussing 7Plus and FixPlay.”

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FetchTV will release apps for iPhone, iPad and Android in about two months, which will allow you to use your device remotely and schedule recordings remotely. Using your phone is especially useful for search-intensive activities like finding YouTube videos.

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One of the features I’d like Lorson to add is to automatically discover your tablet device for content related to the content you’re currently watching (eg displaying the current recipe while watching MasterChef). If you watch it again, you can bring that content.”

FetchTV’s ISP partners offer access to their channels in an unlimited format, but the same doesn’t apply to YouTube in the first place. Watching on YouTube counts separately and displays a warning to remind viewers that this is the case. But in the long run, Lorson expects this could be added to the uncounted list. “We are working with ISP partners to de-meter YouTube and iView.”

Currently, FetchTV offers everyone the same selection of shows and movie offers, but this will soon adjust dynamically to reflect past viewing habits. “It will take 90 days or so to adapt the home page to the behavior of specific users,” Lorson said. “To get here, you have to create real estate and have a customer management system. We are already doing it. Then simply associate the policy rule with the relevant engine. This is what we are doing right now.

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Once the mobile app is released, FetchTV’s development focus is to better integrate social media tools into the viewing experience. “We’re working on a lot of social media apps that let you comment on the show,” Lorson said. This could include tracking tags for specific translucent shows on the screen.

FetchTV already has quite impressive speeds for accessing program information while surfing channels. In the demo, it definitely looked faster than the Foxtel IQ box with a noticeable lag. More improvements are being made, Lorson said.

FetchTV already offers 7 different language packs, especially the Mandarin and Hindi packs are popular. Lorson expects the service to offer more than 200 international channels within six months.

Lorson sees devices like the FetchTV box playing an important role in providing NBN-based applications that help in scenarios such as providing exercise and balance exercises to the elderly using game consoles. We have already tested connecting the network to the senior dance pad app demonstrated at the Kiama NBN launch.

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Iinet And Adam Internet Revamp Fetch Service

Lorson said the HD-focused channel package is scheduled for “early next year”, but “we have the ability to create true HD quality video.”

Angus has been writing professionally on technology since 1994 and has been publicly available longer. He lives in Sydney, but spends part of his unhealthy life on the road, chasing the latest stories. He won a review in 2011. Reviewing the FetchTV PVR/IPTV/Video on Demand services offered by ISPs such as iiNet and Optus is a . When I reviewed the service the first two times, I found it lacking. However, the company’s new set-top box and related services, launched this year, take it to an all-new ballpark and I think it’s Australia’s first. Read on to find out why.

Longtime readers will know that FetchTV PVR/IPTV/Video on Demand combo set-top boxes and services originally provided by ISPs like iiNet and Internode weren’t always free. (and now Optus and Adam Internet).

When the service was first launched in mid-2010, it frankly fell short of requirements for IPTV service in Australia. At the time, we had pretty decent reviews of the service, but it was clear that this was FetchTV’s first effort. The set-top box was functional, but it looked and felt like an old-school VCR machine (with the same holes everywhere), and the user interface was quite slow and clunky. Moreover, it cost more than we were willing to pay for such a service at the time.

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A year and a half later, FetchTV just got better and better. It still featured the same set-top box hardware, but the user interface was improved and no longer looked like a warm-up version of X-Windows (the Unix user interface used by Linux used by FetchTV set-top boxes). ) is based on FetchTV has added a lot of content and features to the service and is starting to feel like a leader in Australia’s historically troubled legal internet video market. However, it was still cumbersome to use, lacked key content such as the latest new releases, and ISPs still struggled to integrate with customers’ network connections.

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This is the backdrop for our third review of FetchTV set-top boxes and services. Last year, the company launched a new set-top box and added content and features to the service. Time to review FetchTV again. Read on to find out what the new FetchTV is all about.

The first thing you need to know about the new FetchTV in 2013 is that the company has quietly launched an all-new set-top box for fixing services in your living room. And boy, it’s different from the old box. Dorothy, we are no longer in Kansas.

To say that the new FetchTV set-top box is an improvement over the old box is a huge understatement.

The Next 12 Things Fetchtv Is Adding

There are two basic things to understand here. The first is that the actual physical properties of the FetchTV set-top box have been extensively redesigned for new iterations. The big, quirky VCR-like design spirit of previous cassettes, which was bluntly possible, is gone.

It’s no exaggeration to say that the new FetchTV box looks exactly like Apple designed it. The review model we tested came in pure white (also available in black), and the high-quality plastic exterior was a very strong reminder of Apple’s design aesthetic. The ugly vents that plagued the old FetchTV boxes are gone, and inside there are open ridges that allow subtly ventilation along the corners of the box.

The box is also physically slightly smaller than its predecessor. About the size of a Nintendo Wii. At 50mm high, 260mm wide and 252mm deep, it’s the perfect size to sit inside a TV cabinet with your PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360.

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