52-60 Enmore Road Newtown

52-60 Enmore Road Newtown – Not long ago, Enmore Road was the poor man’s South King’s Road, who descended to Enmore without inviting the stranger to continue. Locals, along with the city’s taxi drivers, would head to Faheem Fast Food and Manoosh Lebanon pizzeria, and late-night revelers would pack the Saray for the essential kebab. Now, however, the strip is home to some of the best restaurants in the city, and King is no longer the king of Newtown. King Street is no slouch, of course – it has managed to steer a pleasant path between the old Thai bars and restaurants and the modern bars and bistros. It’s the new Newtown.

Father-and-son Pino and Marc Russo oversee this rustic dining room, the decor a cross between Nonna’s lounge (think framed family photos, houseplants) and 1970s Italian joints (years of candle wax bottles of chianti). Just when you think you might as well order lasagna with garlic bread, the menu appears: Bignola’s opening salvo: a choux pastry filled with parmigiano reggiano, pistachio and mortadella from LP’s Quality Meats defies all expectations; Other assaggini (“delicious”) include oysters shelled to order and zucchini flowers stuffed with goat’s milk ricotta, lemon aspen and chili salt. The menu shifts to local burrata with quandong and salted sardines with orange and horseradish. Bigger dishes include Manzo: Rangers Valley tri-tip with anchovies and bread sauce, candied tomatoes, agrodolce eschallots, and capers. These kitchen marvels are the focus of Chef Chris Mosley, a Kiwi who enjoys the traditional flavors of Australia. It’s a cool and earthy menu, and the Russo’s promise that despite the retro vibe, there’s no Andrea Bocelli, but you can BYO. That’s the kind of retro we can get to.

52-60 Enmore Road Newtown

If you’re not sure where Mary’s is (the door is invisible and unmarked), just walk down Mary’s Street from King and join the first row you see: that’s it. There has been a permanent line outside the Newtown Institution since it opened in 2013, thanks to its unique offerings of live music, beer, and burgers. The go-to is Mary’s Burger: beef patty, Trashcan (smoked in a steel barrel) bacon, lettuce, tomato, cheese and Mary’s special sauce, but there’s also great fried chicken, a great mix of craft beers and old school. and natural wines. Get lost.

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Rosso Antico Pizza Bar, Newtown, Sydney

With whiskey and still nuts, the Midnight Special is the perfect place to sit at the bar contemplating the depths of your glass as Tom Waits roars in your ear and the lighting makes you seem dark and adventurous. Are you not flying alone? Grab a well-dressed booth and order whiskey sauces and take part in one of the local live events that take the small stage from time to time.

The Queens Hotel proves that the area is buzzing: it’s Merivale’s first appearance in the Inner West and you know Justin Hemmes isn’t messing around. Upstairs in the Queen Chow restaurant, Cantonese cuisine inspired by Hong Kong street food is the highlight. The second floor is the cocktail bar The Smelly Goat, with a compact menu of Cantonese snacks and a long list of inventive cocktails, while downstairs the bar fulfills its original purpose wonderfully, with an excellent renovation that makes it unrecognizable from its arrival in originally as dingy . Queen Victoria Hotel.

Chef/owner Gregory Llewellyn is known for his fried chicken (we’ve seen his prowess here), but Hartsyard, founded in 2012, is more than a one-trick pony. The menu is designed for sharing, like a good old Southern potluck – but more interesting. Order a Pickleback Martini to start—London Dry Gin, HY pickle juice (trust us, it works), vermouth, and dill—and take some picks from the Seed section of the menu, such as smoked trout with onion dip and potato chips; chicken skin with butter ranch dressing and dilly beans; or fried oysters with spicy Old Bay mayo and bread and butter pickles. Go to the main dishes under Food: poutine is hot chips topped with beef, scallions and “beer cheese”; soft pumpkin dumplings; and fall-off-the-bone rack of lamb with white meat sauce and chopped peppers.

Little has changed in the shop window that now houses Earl’s Juke Joint on Newtown’s South King Street since its days as a butcher in the area, save perhaps for the lack of sausages, ham and pork gracing the shop window. Beyond that striped and outdated sign, it’s a whole different story. The long, bright bar is the kind of place where a lone drinker can pull up a seat and immerse themselves in an interesting story as told by a charming bartender or lose yourself in the music – Earl’s is named after New Orleans drummer Earl Palmer and the songs are highly appreciated here. There is a good selection of beer on tap and wine by the glass, but the cocktail list is where this saloon rocks. The menu changes regularly, but skilled bartenders will whip up a Negroni or Martini.

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Black Star reached the pinnacle of Instagram fame with its famous Strawberry Watermelon Cake with rose scent, almond dacquoise millefeuille, rose cream and strawberries alongside sliced ​​watermelon that tastes floral and summery. It’s amazingly creative, to be sure. However, new residents are heading to Australia Street’s flagship (there’s now a Black Star in Rosebery and the CBD) for slices of orange cake and Persian figs, lamb shank and red wine cakes, old-fashioned Portuguese pies and very good. coffee (with sunny sidewalk benches that will please) since 2008, years before the Insta generation recognized the rose-topped photo cake. So there.

This uniquely named restaurant has endured the neighborhood’s bad weather—and a change of ownership—since it opened in 2003. You get a menu, but you don’t have a choice: Chef Karl Firla defines who you are. – breakdowns of the courses are included (dietary requirements are of course taken into account). That means every visit to Oscillate Wildly is a new adventure in experiential, seasonal flavors.

Everything is listed with only three ingredients – Persimmon, Pumpkin, Lobster for example offers a soft, fresh persimmon and a ribbon of roasted butternut squash on which the lobster bisque is served at the table. The dessert called Chestnuts, Vanilla is a pea dough topped with toffee, dried chestnut mushrooms and brown bread and served with vanilla ice cream and freshly shaved chestnuts. The bistro, with crisp white linens, monochromatic tile floors and unusual compositions, only seats 28, so book ahead to ensure a table.

Rosso Antico Pizza Bar Newtown, 2/52 60 Enmore Rd In Newtown

This bar/restaurant makes no bones about it, because the first thing you notice is the strong smell of ripe Roquefort. After all, it’s been voted Britain’s stinkiest cheese, the red of a “rugby club locker room” according to judges at Britain’s Smelliest Cheese Competition in 2009. However, these Stinky Bishops smell more interesting: pungent. , food and oh so cheesy. Come for a slice of Marcel Petit Comté from France and a stinking bishop from England and stay for a baked camembert with bread and butter, pickles, vegetables and flour or a French Onion Mac ‘n’ Cheese. – tough we challenge you to find spaghetti. A short list of local wines complements the experience like a well-aged brie.

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While South King Street institution Gigi went to vegetarians, cheese and meat lovers went to Rosso Antico. Specializing in traditional Neapolitan pizzas – we’re talking fior di latte, burrata, scarmoza, gorgonzola, pancetta and prosciutto, to appease the omnivore – the Enmore Road pizzeria settles into local graces with an equally impressive Negroni.

Don’t worry, Newtown’s core still has plenty of sleazy bars for you to drop by and blast the wind. Courtie is the star: a neighborhood full of local characters. Large beer gardens (front and back), a dedication to the Sydney Swans and a robust bar menu mean you’ll find people of all stripes here, from heavy metal t-shirts to bar-leaning sports fans to young families and kids.

One of the first small bars in Newtown after the cheap liquor licenses became available, Corridor was a breath of fresh air when it opened its doors in 2010. Little has changed since then: it’s still small and crowded with stairs requiring little conversation while sipping a round of drink in hand (or stomach). There’s nothing pretentious here – bad-ass-near-the-edges Newtown wouldn’t last long if it existed. There are narrow beams in the front and in the middle and the best?

An Eating And Drinking Tour Of Newtown And Enmore

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