2013 Kawasaki Ninja 1000 Exhaust

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With distinctive looks and a grunt to match, the Kawasaki Ninja® 1000 sportbike offers a combination of power, handling, looks, technology and handling that is almost impossible to beat. This great combination boosts overall performance that will have you smiling in your helmet for miles. It’s an impressive motorcycle that’s right at home blazing a winding trail with the best sportbikes, or stretching your legs on the road or during a long commute.

2013 Kawasaki Ninja 1000 Exhaust

The Ninja has a lot of piloting ability – an incredible combination of street smarts and ease of use. The source of all this two-wheel goodness is Kawasaki’s own super standard – and now legendary – Z1000, the engine and chassis platform on which the Ninja 1000 is built. The Z1000 has won some of motorcycling’s highest honors, including Motorcycle Magazine’s prestigious “MOTY” award and consecutive placements on Cycle World’s annual “Best of Standard” list. With roots like that, it’s easy to see where Ninja’s impressive bowls come from.

Exhaust Tube 2.5

The Ninja 1000 makes a statement the moment you lay eyes on it – and then follows through with impact with a brilliant overall performance you’ll quickly learn to love. And for those who want the ultimate in technology and braking performance, Kawasaki offers an ABS version. This system offers inspiring braking performance on a variety of surfaces.

With the Z1000’s impressive engine and chassis as their starting point, Kawasaki engineers added a sleek bodywork and a host of brilliant features (including optional ABS this year) that combine to make the 2013 Ninja 1000 a complete sport. device

Power from a highly advanced in-line four-cylinder engine – 1,043cc, DOHC, liquid-cooled, 16-valve engine with long-stroke design for instant power, smooth-shifting six-speed transmission with optimal ratios and silent electronic fuel injection for absolutely perfect throttle response – hot or cold. There’s a lot of power from idle to redline. The Ninja 1000 delivers more than enough daily performance to put lesser machines to shame.

But the magic of this engine is more about the supple, easy-to-use punch than just the peak horsepower numbers. This dependable in-line four-cylinder produces power that will get you out of corners and out of stops, in a way that will keep you entertained – and impressing your fellow riders – for years to come. The Ninja 1000 engine produces a smooth, immediate thrust at every rpm that many hardcore sport bikes simply cannot match.

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Kawasaki Ninja 1000sx 2021 Hr Registered For Sale

Kawasaki’s fully calibrated electronic fuel injection helps with that. Keihin’s four 38mm throttle bodies inject the perfect mix of fuel and air into each combustion chamber with the help of an advanced ECU, oval subvalves and a cold air intake system that directs fresh air through the front ducts. to the air box. A balance shaft bike that comes off the crankshaft keeps the well-assembled engine running smoothly, while a sleek exhaust system fitted with a 4-in-2 catalytic converter delivers a nice growl without too much sustain. It’s the perfect engine for a road sport bike – smooth, powerful, supple and with the legendary reliability Kawasaki sport bikes are known for.

Like the super-maneuverable Z1000, the Ninja 1000 features an advanced aluminum frame similar in design to the Ninja ZX™-10R. The lightweight assembly bends over the engine, twists it over the top and wraps it tightly in three places, with a fourth rubber mount provided for added vibration isolation and kink resistance. This design allowed the engineers to keep the bike’s waistline narrow for a great ride interface and maximum comfort and control. The mainframe and swingarm pivot parts are cast as a single unit and welds are eliminated wherever possible for perfect aesthetics.

The wheels, brakes and suspension components that allow the Ninja to move so gracefully and quickly are truly cutting edge. Suspension is handled by a fully adjustable 41mm inverted fork up front and an adjustable monoshock with preload and rebound damping, an ideal setting to dial in the perfect settings for your weight and riding style. The monoshock system has a shock mounted almost horizontally above the wishbone for optimal mass concentration and heat resistance. The gas/oil shock gives the wheels great control whether you’re hammering away on back roads or bumpy city streets. In Ninja 1000 you always know what’s going on in the contact areas.

Stopping power is provided by race-specific brakes – 300mm petal-type rotors at the front that are compressed by ultra-stiff radial calipers fed by hydraulic pressure from a race-specific radial pump master cylinder. Behind is another disk with technology. The stopping power and feel on both ends is incredible, giving novices, pros and all intermediates a great feeling of confidence. The Ninja 1000 is also available with an optional Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) for increased rider confidence when riding in slippery conditions.

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Kawasaki Z 1000 Sx

The wheels that operate these brakes – supercar-style lightweight six-spoke units – are also the latest in light production technology. Not only do they reduce unsprung weight, which allows the suspension to perform optimally, but they also feature the latest in radial tire technology. The result is excellent grip, precise handling and long tread life.

But easily the most striking aspect of the Ninja 1000 is its sleek, sophisticated body. Modeled after Kawasaki’s race-ready ZX-6R and ZX-10R, the Ninja offers a completely radical look, yet is unique and memorable. Despite its aggressive appearance, the bodywork cuts a surprisingly large hole in the atmosphere, giving drivers a quiet cocoon to work in. A 3-position manually adjustable windshield helps, allowing riders to choose the right setup for their height and riding style. The front gauges, ZX-6R spec front fender, sleek rear section, and full instrument panel on the Ninja ZX-6R (with custom graphics, of course) complete the look.

And despite its radical looks, the Ninja 1000 offers surprisingly comfortable ergonomics. The handlebars are mounted higher than on race-oriented machines, the pegs are slightly lower, which makes the Ninja 1000 a capable short-distance rider and certainly a sportbike you can get through the day with without too much stress. To sweeten the deal on a day or weekend, Kawasaki offers a variety of optional touring accessories, including saddle and trunk bags, heated grips and more.

It’s rare to find such versatile performance in a sport bike these days. But the 2013 Ninja 1000 is a different beast – with broad talents in sports, sport touring and passenger roles. As Motorcyclist magazine recently wrote, “In the real world where we ride every day, it doesn’t get any better than the Ninja 1000.”

Kawasaki Ninja 1000 Abs My11

Add in a host of convenience features and the result is a unique package that can more than satisfy any rider’s needs. Whether you’re looking to make the switch from a supercar, a super simple ride, or a mid-size sports model, the Ninja 1000 gives you the performance and versatility to live a fuller life than ever before.

The Ninja 1000’s fully integrated styling is a good indication of its sporty character. Featuring a “personal fighter jet” motif, the sultry style is bold and subtle at the same time.

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The aggressive design gives the Ninja 1000 its distinctive look, yet it’s instantly recognizable as a Kawasaki.

The front edges of the fairings have a slat-style design that directs the wind around the bike and makes the fairings narrower in the middle.

Akrapovic Slip On Exhaust Kawasaki Ninja 1000sx 2020 2023

The turn signal units are attached to the fairing using rubber mounts to minimize damage to the fairing if the bike is dropped.

The thrill of riding is more than performance numbers. The impact of the ride comes from the emotions the rider feels. Twisting the throttle results in a strong response from all rpm, the engine pulling hard all the way to the red line. Excellent throttle response, moderate power delivery makes acceleration a thrilling experience.

The low crankcase and 5-degree down-tilt engine helps the engine maintain its compact size, and the engine’s secondary balancer is decoupled from the crankshaft, helping to reduce engine vibration, which contributes to a stiffer, better chassis. handling.

With the airbox between the frame beams, the intake air can be affected by engine heat. The Cool Air system directs cool air from channels in front of the side fairings into the airbox, minimizing performance loss due to heated intake air. This is not to be confused with Ram Air, where forced air is forced into the airbox. A resonator inside the airbox reduces noise at low revs and increases intake noise at high revs.

My Ninja 1000 Sx!

The exhaust system has a 4-to-2 pre-chamber design for 2. The speaker covers create a quad image. Thanks to the pre-chamber under the engine, exhaust volume can be kept down to 3 liters and exhaust weight up to 3,500 grams, which helps concentrate mass and lower the center of gravity.

To ensure maximum riding excitement, the Ninja 1000 offers a fast and lightweight handling package. A very rigid aluminum frame with high mass

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